Cookie policy

The Snellman Group and the subsidiaries (later referred to as “Snellman”) use cookies in their web pages (later referred to as “web pages”).

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user’s device. A cookie can be session-based or more permanent. Session-based cookies are removed after the browser is closed. Permanent cookies are stored on the computer for a longer period. For more information about the retention periods of cookies, please see Cookie settings.  

Cookies do not harm a visitor’s computer or the files on it. Cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of the web pages. Snellman has the right to store cookies on a visitor’s computer if it is necessary for the operation of the web pages. For other than functional cookies, Snellman asks for the visitor’s permission to store them. The visitor has the right to cancel the permission given at any time under Cookie settings. Cookies enable the improvement and maintenance of web pages and services. In addition, Snellman uses cookies for marketing, personification, analytics and product development, for example.

Snellman also uses third-party cookies to create anonymous statistics about how visitors are using the web page. Snellman can store personal information, such as a name, email address or phone number, if a visitor submits an order or feedback form, or sends material related to a job application. For more information, please see Privacy notice.

If visitors have questions about this cookie policy or Snellman’s privacy policies, they can contact the data protection officer by email:  

Snellman has the right to change this cookie policy without prior notification. Changes may be required due to service development or changes in legislation.

More detailed information about cookies can be found in the web pages under Cookie settings. There is information about cookie classifications, their statutory description and partners. Under Cookie settings, users can also edit their permission related to cookies, review the purposes of partners’ cookies and see which partners are related to which cookie.