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The Snellman Group is a family business in the food industry. Its roots are in Pietarsaari, a town in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland. Our business areas are Meat Processing and Ready Meals. Finnish origin, cooperation with local producers, pure ingredients and high-quality products have constituted the core of our operations for more than 70 years.

Our story began when brothers Kurt and Lars Snellman started a sausage factory in a small basement apartment in the old wooden house district of Pietarsaari in 1951. They wanted to make meat and sausage products that were of a higher quality and tasted better than the products available back then. Over the years, our small family business has developed into a group of companies, but we continue to operate openly and close to people. Our values guide us in taking responsibility for the well-being of people, animals and the environment. This is the only way we can genuinely do good.


Treat others as you would like to be treated


We offer opportunities for the better


Preferred. Continuous improvement – leading the way in the food industry

Snellman Group

The Snellman Group operates in Finland and Sweden.
We are known for our pure, high-quality products and strong brands.


Snellmans Köttförädling

Snellman Meat Processing, a family business based in Pietarsaari, has provided Finns with genuine taste sensations for nearly 70 years.

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A small food factory with a big heart. Delicious everyday Finnish food. As good as homemade.

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Mr. Panini

Mr. Panini’s delicious paninis are made in Ulvila by hand from fresh Finnish ingredients.

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Endivo erbjuder catering-, lunch- och måltidstjänster i Jakobstadsnejden.

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Snellman Pro

Snellman Pro offers high-quality product and service solutions for professional kitchens.

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Carolines Kök

Carolines Kök is one of Sweden’s largest producers of fresh ready meals.

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MUSH, a pet food producer based in Pietarsaari, makes 100% natural raw food for dogs and cats.

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Fresh-frozen raw food and freeze-dried snacks for dogs. All natural.

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Figen is the Snellman Meat Processing development company for primary production. It provides pig farms with value-added and advisory services.

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Snellman Group

Kuusisaarentie 1
68600 Pietarsaari, Finland

+358 6 786 6111